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Claude - 17.1hh Clydesdale x Thoroughbred

Claude - 17.1hh Clydesdale x Thoroughbred

Claude - 17.1hh Clydesdale x Thoroughbred - 19 years old, my 'new' horse

Claude is a gentle giant with a very kind nature.  He came from a local, former riding school where he was an instructor's horse - he's happy to lead, or follow, or to go out alone.  He doesn't do anything special so he's quite ideal for me as all I want to do is hack out on the local Bedfordshire bridleways.  We are learning natural horsemanship (we have recently attended beginners and improvers natural horsemanship clinics with Charles Wilson and Jayne Lavender), including Parelli and Australian Natural Horsemanship, and we've become firm friends!  We have also been practicing long reining with a view to pulling chain harrows to spread the horse and cow droppings in the field.

Claude probably wandering why he shed his winter coat quite so early in the early spring of 2006 and why he couldn't have a hat and fleece like me.

Claude and David in Rushymeade

Claude in Rushymeade with David L O Smith

Claude and me in 'his' field: Rushymeade, 20 acres of wildlife area in Pulloxhill.

And Claude doing what he does best: out for a canter in a local in field that is also set aside for wildlife and amenity. (We're not really this wooden, it's the camera!)

Claude at the canter near Thrift Wood, Silsoe, Bedfordshire Claude and David cantering at Thrift Wood, Bedfordshire

Claude as a zebra at one of Jayne Lavender's ANH clinics

Claude pretending to be a zebra at one of Jayne Lavender's ANH clinics.

At a cold 'play day' at Shuttleworth

Claude and David at a Naturally Horses playday, Shuttleworth EC

Claude at the stables, Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire

Claude not long after he came to us, back at his stables and  removing his tack after a hack.

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