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 LMS Class 6P 4-6-0 British Legion

LMS British Legion, Nominal Rebuilt Royal Scot - 7mm 0 gauge - David L O Smith 

A 7mm scale (O Gauge) model of British Legion

Although No. 6170, British Legion, was listed at the end of the number series of Royal Scot class of locomotives, it was unique.  It was built by the London Midland and Scottish Railway in 1935 using some parts of Fury, an unsuccessful experimental high pressure locomotive, and it became a model for the rebuilding of the Royal Scot class.  Along with some others of the class, it was withdrawn in December, 1962 and scrapped.
Of all the rebuilt Royal Scots, I chose British Legion because I wished to have a 'red' one and British Legion was the only example; the others were LMS wartime black or BR green. Actually, I remember them with double chimneys and smoke deflectors in BR green and I do like their appearance like that so, upon reflection, perhaps I should have bought a different kit and built one like that, in which case it would have been No. 6102, Black Watch.

I built the locomotive from a kit by David Andrews and the 4000 gallon Stanier tender is a RTR model from Finescale Brass that I reworked, in the manner that I have before. 

I found the locomotive kit a very commendable starting point and there is nothing particularly noteworthy about the build but, as usual, I have introduced my own mods and replacements, some of them quite significant.  For example, I made a number of small items, such as the live and the exhaust steam injectors, and I machined up some better looking safety valves, smokebox dart/handles and inside cylinder cover.

I took the part-finished loco to Guildex 2019 in Telford where it was one of the 'show-and-tell' models that we had on the Gauge 0 Guild Technical Committee stand (right).
Rebuilt Royal Scot - British Legion in 7mm 0 Gauge
British Legion - Frames with Finescale Brass motor/gearbox
The frames, which I completed first.
The frames (above) are built up from etches in nickel silver, for the most part, along with Slater's wheels, a motor/gearbox from Finescale Brass and several castings that I modified (eg piston valve covers) and  parts that I scratch-built (eg exhaust steam injector and single-spring plunger pick-ups).
British Legion - complete but unpainted
The body and frames completed and ready for paining (above and right)
British Legion - smokebox, boiler, firebox, cab

Smokebox, boiler, firebox and cab as separate assemblies
To aid the painting and lining, I build my models in many subassemblies that I can screw, or pin and glue, together after I have completed the finishing (above).
When I had completed the painting and lining of the body, I reassembled it and placed it on the frames just to see the general idea. British Legion - LMS No. 6170 - 7 mm scale [0 gauge]


Bogie - LMS Royal Scot, British Legion 7 mm scale [0 gauge]

The bogie with dummy springs added below the compensation beams and an arrangement for lateral springing
Injectors (live steam and D&M exhaust steam) for LMS Royal Scot, British Legion in 7mm scale [0 gauge]

The scratch-built injectors, live steam on the driver's side (left) and Davies and Metcalfe exhaust steam on the fireman's side (right)


Clynder assembly for Brish Legion in 7 mm scale [0 gauge]

Cylinder and slidebar assembly
Scratch-built Davies and Metcalfe exhaust steam injector

Scratch-built Davies and Metcalfe exhaust steam injector


British Legion badge 

British Legion badge
British Legion - Front three-quarter view 

LMS British Legion - 7mm 0 gauge - David L O Smith



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